30 Days of Minimalism | XXI

For day 21 I’m supposed to journal for 20 minutes. But instead of journaling and reflecting on the experience, I thought I would just openly write here for 20 minutes, so that you guys could get to know me a little better and I could experiment with a different type of blogging.

While I’ve always aimed to be open on this blog, I’ve never really touched on some deeper topics. The thing I’ve been putting a lot of energy into recently is my health and fitness, and it’s something I’d like to talk about more here, but kind of an intimidating topic to discuss. My weight especially has been a difficult subject in my life, I’ve just never been happy or comfortable in my skin. It’s something I’ve made huge strides to improve over the past few years but it’s been an up and down experience. What I’ve decided to focus on moving forward is appreciating each stage, finding ways to be happy every step of the way.

One way I’ve done this is by allowing myself to wear things or doing things that I normally wouldn’t have done otherwise, because I didn’t look the way that I wanted to. My mentality used to be maybe one day, but now I’m in the process of changing that to “how about today?” Even cutting my hair yesterday was scary – what if I couldn’t pull it off like all of those super skinny runway models? But doing it anyway was hugely important for me because it was a step in the right direction. I’m not saying that I’m amazing at this process -far from it – but I’m learning, and that’s what’s really important.

Another thing I’ve started to do is get rid of clothes I hope I’ll fit in again one day. Holding on to things doesn’t help you to move forward, and when I’m in a better place, I’ll buy new things (a perk!). I’ve also had to stop myself from buying “one day” clothes. It’s surprisingly hard, but the benefits are going to outweigh the downsides now, I know it.

Working out has been a constant source of annoyance in my life, but I’ve finally found  somethings that work for me. This summer I really fell in love with hot yoga, and since coming back to school I’ve been doing Pilates. I think finding a way to workout that you actually enjoy is the key to staying fit. I’ve actually enjoyed trying all sorts of different classes and exercise techniques.

My health and fitness is something I’ve decided to recommit to as a part of these 30 days of minimalism and so far it’s been one of the goals I’ve made the most progress with, which is something I’m very proud of.

Thanks so much for reading my little experimentation in journaling and I’ll see you back soon for more minimalism.



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