Out and About | Melt

Melt has got to be one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Birmingham. I mean, where else can I go for a vegan grilled cheese? (the answer is nowhere, like seriously nowhere). This place has an amazing menu, with a few vegan options for those of you like me, who don’t eat diary or meat. While I was devastated to learn last night that their fried pickles  are dredged in milk (who knew?) their Classic Melt grilled cheese can easily (and deliciously) be made dairy free. (Side note: if you do eat dairy get the fried pickles. They’re the best I’ve ever tried. Get them!).


The beer-battered fries are also incredible, and are best served with their Rosemary Ketchup (yes, it is as good as it sounds).

Our super helpful waitress also told us that the fried Oreos are vegan too, so of course we had to order those too.


They’re a delicious gourmet twist on a carnival favorite, and I can’t wait to have them again.

I’ve been loving the idea of this series because it pushes me to get out and go to new and more exciting places, instead of the usual (which is Zoes. I’m obsessed with Zoes). I can’t wait to branch out further!

Thanks for reading!



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