Obviously, my name is Sienna and obviously, this is my blog, but here are a few other things I’d like for you to know about me.

  1. I’m 22 years old and recently engaged to my college sweetheart.
  2. I’m an anthropology major, with a minor in art history. Obviously I’m really hoping this blog thing works out, because I have no idea what one does with these qualifications after college.
  3. My style is… all over the place, like preppyXgrungeXbohoXwhateveri’mfeeling, but you can usually find me in something black – or something way too bright.
  4. I love a perfect contour and flawless, dazzling highlight as much as the next makeup-obsessed guru wannabe, but I’m also on the never-ending quest for natural skin so glowy that I don’t look as if I haven’t slept in two weeks while I shuffle my lazy ass off to work. A girl can dream.
  5. Books, music, and – most importantly – television are my life and my favorites of the month/week will likely be chronicled for your enjoyment. The Netflix addiction is real (and so satisfying).
  6. And finally, this blog is here for experimentation. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so even if no one reads it, I’m proud of myself for even giving it a try. The content might not always be perfect (or consistent…) but know that the effort is there, and that this is all a learning process for me. Wish me luck!


Contact me at siennasaysblog@gmail.com